Bliss Munitions Equipment separates from BCN Technical Services Inc.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., – March 1, 2022 – After 21 years of business alongside the Clearing and Niagara press brands, Bliss Munitions Equipment (BME) announces its formal separation from Bliss Clearing Niagara (BCN) Technical Services, Inc.

The decision to separate is focused on returning to proud USA-made tradition, restoring over 130 years of production back to its home state of Mich.

Customers seeking to purchase new solutions and parts for current machines should contact BME via or by phone, +1 (269) 243-5470.

Spare parts for old presses will still be provided by BCN. New machines, ammunition solutions and spare parts for newer models are provided by Bliss Munitions Equipment.

If customers have questions regarding where to purchase, contact Bliss Munitions Equipment and guidance will be provided.