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Innovative Munition Machines and
Full Assembly Lines

Cupping Presses

Cupping Presses

Cupping presses transform coil-fed raw material into a cup in preparation for draw press operations, delivering market-leading production capabilities. Bliss Munitions is proud to offer #6 and #7 cupping presses.


Draw Presses

Draw Presses

Draw presses can produce multiple draw operations in a single machine with multiple parts out on each stroke. Bliss Munitions provides both 304 and 305 draw presses.


Transfer Presses

Transfer Presses

Transfer presses move parts from one station to the next to form cases or projectiles in a single machine. Bliss Munitions offers Models 260A and 220A.


Bullet Assembly Machines

Bullet Assembly Machines

Bullet Assembly presses manufacture projectiles for both pistol and rifle cartridges. We offer Bullet Assembly presses with up to 20 workstations, including the new 3020 Bullet Assembly Press.


Bliss for Today. Bliss for Life.

Throughout history, Bliss presses have produced more ammunition than any other company. Our state-of-the-art modern machines are built to last and available with short lead times.


130 years manufacturing munitions equipment


Made in the USA & built to last for decades


All Bliss equipment has been modernized within the past 10 years

Trusted Worldwide

Built on a tradition of can-do attitude and applied technology, Bliss Munitions Equipment supports the ongoing performance of Bliss equipment in press shops and munitions factories across the world.

Greater productivity through a smaller footprint

From our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we’re focused on building innovative munition machines and full assembly lines while also planning a major expansion to support growing customer needs.


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