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The neck anneal is an important aspect during the rifle forming process, as a proper anneal leads to the bullet seating properly. The Bliss designed neck annealer uses a screw mechanism to transfer the part through precision adjustable flame nozzles or inductions coils. These are height adjustable for the upmost precision.

The body annealer is also an important part of the rifle brass forming process. During the forming of the rifle cases, a body anneal must be completed. The body anneal softens the brass to allow it to be further drawn. During this process, the case goes through a rotary gas or induction annealer.

Bliss Munitions can supply annealing equipment to meet all of your munitions applications. Bliss offers multiple-sized furnaces for all calibers for annealing brass case cups and copper bullet jackets. This belt annealing furnace is available in Gas or Electric options with 60kw and two controlled heating zones. Bliss Munitions utilizes the latest state of the art annealing equipment and can work with you to develop the proper solution for your production needs.

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